A Study of the Implementation of Sweden’s Feminist Foreign Policy in Partner Countries (2022-2023)


Photo Source: FP

Sweden has had a Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP) for eight years, since 2014. Even before this, gender equality was high on the Swedish agenda, particularly in development cooperation. The Swedish FFP is broad in the sense that it encompasses several policy areas beyond development cooperation: it also applies to security policy and trade and promotion. The ambition is thus high: the FFP is supposed to change the working methods used by Swedish foreign missions’ in general – across countries and policy areas. 

To start to determine whether this is the case, this project carries out a survey with all Swedish foreign missions, not just with embassies in partner countries. The overall purpose of the survey is to determine which aspects influence the implementation of the FFP in Swedish foreign missions. The implementation of the FFP is operationalized as the personal understanding of the FFP in particular; the existence of an FFP structure, the use of specific working methods; and the prioritization of transformative methods across the board. This project has been implemented in cooperation with Ann Towns (P.I.), Elin Bjarnegård, and Katarzyna Jezierska.

Funded by: The Expert Group for Aid Studies (EBA – a Swedish government committee)

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